Combing Cream: a godsend to your curls

Hey there! Here in Brazil, women spend a lot of money on hair care. We have a thousand types of hair conditioners, masks, treatment… Here exists a million ways to take care of it. We use since natural masks mixtures as avocado, gelatin or some fruit treatment.

If you have curly/wavy/frizzy you MUST keep reading this article. I don’t know your hair care routine but I will give some reasons why you must put Combing Cream on it. First of all, it disentangle your hair after shower, giving it smooth and protecting it from comb friction.
My perfect combination: combing cream + vegetal hair oil

It is such an easy way to styling it. It just to get a little of cream on your hair and apply it on and style whatever you want it AND it is not all: it just helps to keep the humidity on and frizz off. Want more reasons than than?

An easy way to style or curl using this godsend cream is taking a little bit on hand and apply it on hair kneading the curls up. When its dry your curls will be just on point - and you can use like a day after following your monthly hair routine... But this will be continued on next post!


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