Things I should do but I don't

There are a lot of things I should do but I don't for trivial reasons. A couple of days ago, I gave a time to my blog… okay, I am posting right now but is not the same thing.

I just messed up my life, not only my blogging life as well and things started putting me down. One of them it is my unorganized mind.It is just got out my control. Okay, I've never been a organized person but I could find anything I want on my “organized mess”.

But today I just can't do it. I used to keep up my blog schedule just on point but I messed this thing too. I should keep my mind healthy and don't estress myself out but it is hard when almost everything got you angry.

I should eat less chocolate and fried food, but my anxious sometimes drive me crazy and or I give myself a distraction  or bought me a lot of chocolate candies or french fries… I love french fries!

There is just a little of thing I need change in my life and I can say that I will start as soon also possible. What you should do but you don't?


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