Cool or warm? The Ultimate Guide part 1

For those work on beauty areas like hair stilts or makeup stilists it is necessary to know if your client it is warm or cool  (when we are talking about skin temperature) to know what is fits better with.

I remember when I was in college and had the first touch ever with "Oswald Star" (like I learned on college) or Color Wheel. It was terrible because I had never seen that and had no idea how it worked. First I told to my teacher that I loved blue and he told that color didn't matches with my "skin temperature". WHAT?!

Studying deeply I understood why it didn't match. First have in mind a color wheel (it will be your best friend until now). In the middle of it, we have HUES (pure colors with no mixtures) in red, blue and yellow

Looking more we could see on borders their secondary color (that it take mixing hues): orange, purple and green. Looking out in our color wheel we see tertiary colors: here we have mixing of all colors before named on it.

But Lihz, what he fuck this color wheel do to me? Everything my dear reader! Knowing this you can match perfectly makeup + clothes + aaccessories withou looking strange ... Is that incredible, isn't that!? But you will learn how to "read it" in our next post. See ya!

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