B.U. | The last thing that made me cry

I just can't foget that day. It was about 11pm, a wednesday of December 23th of 2015. It started with a silly question said through a angry mouth. A cloth line,  a wedding's birth and nonsense put myself down as hell.

I can't understand what to you to transform yourself in a real monster that night. Things turns so evil and I just don't know why. You argues  you're right because you're "the man of the house" and you can't simply take off clothes from the cloth line.

Who do you think you are? The God? The last man on earth? She forgives you and I don't know how she can make this kind of decision , I think she is a saint about this. You're just the brand new male chauvinist pig. You said "oh she want to work but she need keep the cleaning of the house"... WHY?!

She stop working at 24 to take care of your kid. After 18 years she came back to work in what she love and now when you are retired from your job, you just stay chilling around and complaing at my ears...

I am really fed up with your bullshit. You just complain and do nothing to things get better. If you want see things done MOVE YOUR BODY TO DO IT. I am tired to cry out your complaing and I am tired of getting hurt from your bullshit.

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