Strobing: Como fazer

Há! Eu não disse que teríamos vídeo? Dessa vez gravei todos os vídeos num dia só, assim a cada semana me dedico a edição de um unico video (pois pra renderizar e subir para o youtube demoram 2 dias!).

O blog ainda tá meio zoneado, mas não se preocupe, os posts estão normalizados! Pois bem, chegou a hora de você aprender essa técnica toda trabalhada na luz!

~~ Strobing: How to do it ~~
Before start talking about this technique, I need apologize because I wasn't able to record an English video showing how to do or even put legends below . I will work on it.

First of all, you need a highlighter powde or a creamy highlighter (I will tryone side with powser and another with cream). After you do your facial makeup with foundation, concealer and powder (remember: if you apply powder to finish you facial makeup is better use highlighter powder over it).

Just a tip: powder over powder and cream over cream. You can do powder over cream but I think this will require more technique and patience.I will try to do each side for each technique.

We have a lot of brands and different shades so I recommend you to choose one with your undertone. It will looks more natural when finished it. When you will apply it? Follow this: chin, bow cupid, top of cheek bone, under eyebrow bow, forehead's center and top of the nose. it looks complicated but is not. I promise!

One day I will be able to record a video talking in english and put my shame away!


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