Review | Vult Cosmética Nailpolish

Hi beautys! Today I will talk about nail polish! It's a brazilian brand called Vult Make Up that started doing different kind of cosmetic. Nowadays, its  has night facial creams, nailpolish, colored primers and other. But our foccus today is their nailpolish. I bought it in three different shades: Canto da Sereia (The Mermaid Singing), Saia de crochê (Crochet Skirt) and Meu Vermelho (My red).

Sorry for the worst translation ever, but this brand  doesn't have a translation because it is a brazilian brand. It is a little waterly at first look but applying a second hand you stay with a shine strong color on nails. It is stays some many days on (in my hand stays about a week) with a high shine color without peelin off.


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