Review | Colorsensational by Maybelline

Good morning girls! Today's review is about another great lipstick from Maybelline, the Colorsensational Matte lipstick. I earned from a friend of mine on red color (I have a lot of red lipsticks and I wish having more of them!) and it is amazing product!

I was taking a look on USA Maybelline website and there is so much more shades and products than Brazil website... I  think that is offensive but okay. There is Brazil website shades:

Provocative purples:

Perfect Nudes:

Powerful reds:

Love pinkies:

Sorry for the worst name translation ever but I needed to do it from Brazil website. I don't remember of mine but it is a red one in matte texture. I recommended it for those want a high quality and keep away from dryness felling on lips.


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