Review | SuperStay 24h Lipstick by Maybelline

Keep up the flame
Keep it red
Very Cranberry
Timeless Toffee 
Never Ending Pearl
Timeless Rose
Perpetual Plum
Everlasting Wine (gringo)

Hello there! I know that you can buy lipstick brands so much better than I have here in Brazil. A long time I was trying to buy it but it has only sparkling colors... So, I bought one on Florence store (Brazil) in Red to try up.

I have several lipsticks in different colors and textures but I never wear something like this before! It begins applying color first and after dry, you apply the balm. 

It stays 24h... Really. I applied at night and afer I have dinner.  I eat, washed my tooth and went to sleep and lipstick still on with a bright shine color. Isn't that amazing?

Here in Brazil we have Dailus Pro (makeup brand) that started creating matte liquid lipstick as well but I can't compare both lipstick because there loud differences between them. Starting with texture. Dailus has a super matte liquid lipstick but during the day I felt my lips drying up and moistureless, Definitely a horrible lip sensation as well...

In the other hand we have Super Stay 24h that brings a lip blam with it just to fix lipstick dryness. It is a two step method: first you apply lipstick color and aftet full drying you can apply the balm to give shine for it.


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  1. I would hate that drying feeling. Ugh.

    1. I would too. I the case of Dailus Pro there is a huge drying feeling! But you can wear SuperStay free of drying! Thanks for comment!


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