Review | Colored concealer

Hey girls! We are gonna talk about concealer today but not that one you used to. We are gonna talk about Camouflage Concealer. We both know there are some skin flaws are hard to hide even apply several foundation layers.

To rid off all of this, first you need to know what is your undertone. This is a important thing to give it right correction. I will give you a little explanation using The Otswald Star of colorimetryc:

What you have to do ir apply the opposite color on your dark circle to cover it. As my dark circle has violet undertone I will apply an yellow camouflage concealer and after you apply some concealer you used to above the colored one and you will see magic happening!

But how do you apply it? You can use a conceal brush or your finger tips as well. Brush or finger tips you apply it with little taps to place conceal all area equally. If you want only a light or just hide naturally you don't need use a camouflage conceal. I recommend it only for a fullface makeup.

Hope you can make you easy after this post. See ya :)


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