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I only noticed people's opinion after taking blog seriously. Really. When you start writing for others reading, you began take care of writing something and make you message correctly understood. So you stars pay attention about what people think about your work. That's what I will talk about today on blog.

When you create a blog - whatever you gonna talk about on it - you want leave a message for those are reading what you wrote, right? Yes. So, people's opinion are important for you know if your work is going okay at less? Maybe. Your blog can't grow up if you writing for the wrong kind of readers.

If you writing about games you can't share your post in a book reviews sharing.  It's a kind obvious that you need a specific niche to share your posts correctly. Doing this, you can strengthen your audience target by subject, concern, theme or by categories like beauty,  movies, music and others

My focus telling that things to you is show how important is to us your participation in our blog lives. We write for you, we put on it our life experiences about some subject. When you leave a comment or a simple "like" in the post, you showing us that you appreciate our work.

What I am trying to tell is that your presence  (commenting or liking) it is important for our work. But how? When I see a comment, I feel great and have done a great work and wasted time writing this it was rewarded. This is a great and excellent motivation to keep doing it.

So, if you favorite blog starts doing a target research, leave your answers. That way the blogger can improve their writing and make better posts for you because your opinion is important to us.


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