3 ways to apply foundation

Hey girls! This post is about foundation. It isn't harder but you need some hability to do it well. Its depends of the product you will use (liquid, mousse, cream) and what brushes you will use to apply them. I listed 3 ways to use and you can choose one that fits better for you :) 

  1. Fingers: In contrast what people say about it (that you can transfer some oilness to skin) you can use as a quick way  to apply it.
  2. Sponge: Do yo kno about "beauty blend"? You can use it this kind of sponge or another if you wants.
  3. Brush: You can use a Duo Fiber or a Foundation brush as well but foundaton brush could leave some marks while you applying it. Or you can use a normal foundation brush to apply and a duo fiber to smooth the foundation into your skin.
I made a video showing step by step how to use each item above: 

1. Using fingers
2. Using a duo fiber brush
3. Using a beauty bender sponge

Use a duo fiber to polish foundation after apply it.

Hope you liked and you could understand my messenge. Doesn't forget to click on "g+1" and leave a comment if you want.



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