Tutorial | Eye on fire

Hey girls! This is another tutorial for you. I made this makeup specially to my personal portfolio. Yes, I am creating one like a professional makeup artist! Cassia (my photographer) it is helping me to create another one with models but we cannot make this real 'cause weather it isn't helping us... But this is a subject to another post!
How post name suggest, this is a fire makeup using yellow, orange and red, perfect color for whose have warm skins. For this tutorial I used a 120 color palette bought from Wish App (Android), a eye fixer from Dailus Makeup (brazilian brand), The False Lashes by Maybelline.

I put the song here not only by the inspired name, but I think this colors together brings out a hidden power. If you want to listen with tutorial, just put video mute. :)

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Click on play :D

Sorry for the video finish so sunddely.


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