Review | Oil Control Maybelline BB Cream

Hey everyone! you know that I am from Brazil, and here in the summer is hot as hell. Brazilian girl used to have an oil skin... So, because of that, who have a oily skin must pass away from moisturizing bases, if you want your skin look more oily than other thing in the world... I used to use Maybelline BB Cream, but it doesn't made for oil skin. What happen!? Oily skin greeting you about 2 or 3 hours after you put it on.

Maybelline hear my prayers, and create a specific BB Cream for oily skins like mine. Here in Brazil, we found only 3 different tones (what give us a limited power of choice as well). It has salicylic acid, what is good for a oily and  acneic skin as mine.

Let's check the eight points:
  1. Oilness Control: Yes, but not all the oilness. You need to apply after some hours.
  2. Matte Efect: So so. It is "drier" than the normal BB Cream, but not matte as well.
  3. Imperfection reduction in 4 weeks: I didn't have time to check this.
  4. Perfect natural cover: Maybe. If you have dark circles, you will need some concealer.
  5. Sun protect factor 15: Good factor for our daily summer in Brazil.
  6. Moisturize and smoothes: That is why it is not totally matte your skin.
  7. Oil Free: No comments about it :)
  8. Adapts with your natural skin tone: Stay perfect for my skin tone ( I bought the dark one)
It complies most of what it promises by Maybelline description. It works well on my skin. What about you? Give your opinion about it on comments!!

See ya. 


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