Filtrum 30 FPF by LBBS

Hey everyone! Today we gonna talk about sun protection. We both know that our skin needs protection all over the year ~not only in the summer~ but, we are not used to do that. I don't know where you live,  dear reader,  but here in Brazil summer is arriving hot as hell.
Dermatologists recommend apply sun block each two hours to keep the skin protected... I confess that I didn't do that before.... it is complicate because most of this cosmetics smells like beaches and gives all the oil to our skin and that's a big problem for who have acne.

Thinking in that, I found this ultra dry sun protector, and I need tell 'em one thing: IT'S JUST FUCKING AWESOME! No beach smell or oil skin, that's enough for me... And for you?

What kind of sun protector do you use? What's it their benefits? Tell me on comments!


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