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Hello pretties! Today's guide is for who want a natural oil free skin. I love Maybelline products, so I decide tell you about some Foundation.

You know that exists a lot of types of skin, but this is subject for another post. Thinking about all these type of skins, we have not a specific foundation for all of it, but some of them, mixtured with another could help resolve some problems.

I listed four Foundation types from Maybelline:

Dream Matte Mousse: Not creamy, not liquid. Has a soft texture on skin and is easly to apply. You can use fingers, brush or a sponge to apply it and it is awesome because it is oil free.

Dream Liquid Mousse: Run away from it!!! It has a good texture, but in few minutes your skin will be so oily than a pastry!

Pure Makeup: It is a specific foundation to oily skin. With salicylic acid, it fights against shiny and imperfections

Super Stay 24h: It has a good texture thats cover all the skin blemishes and dark circles.

So, in my opinion, the best for oily skin are Pure Makeup and Dream Matte Mouse form Maybelline. But I recomend you to buy some foudation from this list above to know what is the best for your skin type.

Hope you like.


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