Everyone that has a blog, want be noticed. This things of changing followers each other it doesn't work. Do you know why?! I will answer it.

You work hard writting something, this person will want people that will read what was wrote. People that could post positive comments about it.

If people change followers each other, anybody will read, because these kind people want NUMBERS. People that only follow/subscribe but doesn't see anything about channel or blog, are just numbers.

What do you prefer? Numbers or readers? You don't need to write a huge letter. You will find someone that will like what you wrote, we are above 1 bilion in the world :)

I confess, I follow a lot of blogs, and because of this, I can't read all of them! But I try, and I click on "liked" on posts that I think was interesting for me :)

Incentive. :)


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