DIY | Magnetic Ink for walls

Hello pretties! This tutorial will add some style and cuteness to your room. Magnetic Ink!! 
I know tha in United States has a magnetic primer to do this, but here in Brazil it's hard to find =/
So I made one for my own =]

 What you will need:
-Steel Wool
- Glue
-Seive / Strainer
-Small pestle

Steel  Wool


Small pestle


Seive / Strainer


1. Burn all the steel wool into the saucepan.
2. Using the pestle, sprunch what rest of our steel wool
3. Take the seive / strainer and remove all the big parts of the powder.
4. In a deep plate, mixture glue with powder.
5. Paint your wall as your wish.

Hope you liked!



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