Body weight question... or not (part I)

Listen it while you are reading =D

        Have you ever felt something like this? This is so strange, right? I feel myself like this most of times.
         Sometimes I just woke up feeling a strange energy around me. Like I didn't belonged here.

        The strangest thing is that comes within. I got confused most of times about it.

         It is hard when you liked some clothing, but you cannot wear because you are overweight.
       You got stressed, sad, angry, depressed... And starts some crazy diets to lose faster. Kill your body slowly...
         You need to accept yourself, but I know that this could be the hardest thing to do. Body modification is not that good.
        I am about 15 pounds over now. I cried most of nights because of this. I have tried everything to lose my over weight.
         But I haven't tried accept my body or my big structure yet. It is not easy to accept yourself, but happiness comes naturally after doing this.


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