Confessions of a teenager in crisis: Platonic

And if I woke up no more?

Will you feel some regret?

Did you feel sorry for something you never said "I like you"?

Did you already like me...The same way I did?

Could you at least have tried ?

Have I make you happy?

Maybe had happened in other order...

I would move mountains for you gimme a smile, a laugh

Now, here we are, apart each other by miles away

Never been near...

Now, you are in a relationship

And I am here, imagining how could it be...

Messing up my life...

My hair, my lipstick...

It was hurting so much... Still hurts too.

But I do not more or less

I do not know if was need or not...

Song that you send me still on my cellphone

And you said that song was for me never forget you

If I could forget you...


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