Contour and Hightlighting

There are many ways to apply blush without stay like a Clown! On web there are several tutorials teaching how apply this but, if you don't have motor coordination... (like me to do something hahaha) Here goes some help! 
 #1 Step: Idendifying your face shape.
Put yourself front of your mirror. With a eyeliner, circulate your refletion, after that you will see your face shape :D

Nobody has same shape of another one, and you must learn to respect your shape. There are so many face shapes, but the commonest are:

  • Oval:

  • Square:

  • Oblong:

  • Round:

  • More face shapes:

  • #2 Step: Countour and Highlight
    The flash's camera make you skin got one color: you got pale skin on your photos, isn't it? Yes \o/ So this image can help you get less pale in your pictures!:D
  • Contour and Highlighting

  • Left contour

  • Contour

  • Smoky contour

  • With Blush

  • With contour and blush

  • Finished :D

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