Confessions of a teenager in crisis #1

So many times I saw my sand castle fell down front of my eyes
So strong... And while so weak
Who am I to understand whay all?
If I only knew why I only saw all in grey
I hope day I will see all in colors
Maybe one day...
And when I try change, All of it get worse
And when the sky is clear, all turn up to black
And I, I change with the time, according to the moon
Each day I ask myself why
Will be a dark detiny waiting for me in the end?
Or a sick final?
I don't know.
Follow each step, as I treading on broken glass
But my feet bleed no more
As if anything could touch me
But I will wait,
Maybe all of this pass
Maybe I will keep the same... As the same broke glass under my feet
Maybe the person that I seek, find me
Maybe all of this torture disappear when rain fell down...


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